Is a General Surgeon, specialising in colorectal

                             conditions. He also deals with the following:

                                        abdominal discomfort

                                           abdominal wall reconstruction

                                           change in bowel habit

                                           colorectal cancer

                                           diverticular disease

                                           fatty lumps and cysts


                                           gallbladder problems and gallstones


                                           inflammatory bowel disease

                                           pain or bleeding from the back passage 

                                           pelvic discomfort

                                           pilonidal sinus and abscess


                            In 2013 he was awarded the prestigious 

                                                'silver scalpel award'

                              by the Association of Surgeons in Training.

                             He practices at the following Private Hospitals :

                                            The Hartswood Hospital   


                                       Private Patient Unit at Queens                                   


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Mr Clive Hepworth FRCS